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Cincinnati Center for DBT is a group of highly-specialized, extensively trained clinicians who are passionate about helping people reduce their suffering effectively.

We specialize in treating children, teens, adults, and families who experience disorders of emotion regulation. Our specialties include suicidal and self-harming behaviors, borderline personality disorder (BPD), anxiety, depression, anger, substance use disorders, trauma & PTSD, bipolar disorder, and severe mental illness.

Are you hurting so much that you're wondering if living is really worth all this pain?

It hurts so badly that it feels physical; you can feel it in your gut. You don't let those closest to you know what's going on because no one gets it; no one can help. Sometimes you feel completely out of place, like you don't belong here. You just feel like your life is so screwed up right now. Everything hurts so much and you can't stand it anymore. You keep looking for ways to take it all away.

You don't deserve to hurt like this anymore.

And you don't have to.

It's time to take control of your emotions so your emotions stop controlling you.

Your life can be worth living.

We offer a variety of evidence-based therapy services to meet your needs and goals.  Our online therapy services are available to anyone in Ohio, Kentucky, or a PSYPACT state.

You didn't cause all of your problems, but you have to solve them anyway.

We can help you deal with life without harming yourself, using substances, or doing whatever you do to try to get out of pain. We can help you learn to cope with life and emotions without being overwhelmed by them. We will teach you how to handle emotions, improve relationships, and be effective in meeting your goals.

Dr. Nikki Winchester and Dr. Desirae Allen, DBT Therapists, sit on a couch and smile.

DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is an evidence-based treatment developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan. DBT is the gold-standard treatment for individuals who experience chronic emotion dysregulation or who are chronically suicidal. Originally published as a treatment for borderline personality disorder (BPD), DBT has since proven effective in treating multiple disorders, including mood, depression, alcohol and drug use, and eating disorders.

DBT is based on Marsha Linehan’s biosocial theory, which states that chronic emotion dysregulation stems from a transaction between emotional vulnerability and an environment that invalidates or trivializes the person’s experience. DBT is designed to help teach clients how to reduce emotional vulnerability and learn to interact effectively with the environment.

A core piece of DBT is the skills training group. This is typically a 6-12-month commitment during which clients learn skills to help them be present in the moment, regulate their emotions, tolerate distress, and interact effectively with others. Clients are expected to attend a weekly group and apply the skills they learn in their lives. In this respect, the saying “It works if you work it” is very true for DBT - if you want to do something different, you gotta do something different.

Additional pieces of DBT include structured individual DBT therapy, skills phone coaching, and a consultation team for the therapist. Although many people benefit from all four modes of DBT, it is important to discuss this with your therapist and determine what modes of treatment will help you best meet your goals.

Begin Building a Life Worth Living Now

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2. Attend your initial appointment

You’ll meet with your therapist to discuss your problems and goals and decide together on the best treatment approach that will bring you closer to meeting your goals and building a life you experience as worth living.

You’ll meet with your therapist every 1-2 weeks to work on your goals. Your therapist will assign outside-of-session assignments for you to complete to help you make progress faster.

Dr. Nikki Winchester, DBT Therapist, types on her laptop with a handout of the DBT Wise Mind skill next to her.


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Our therapy office is physically located in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, we serve clients throughout Ohio and beyond through our online therapy services.

* Our therapy office is located in Mt. Auburn on Wellington Pl, right off of Auburn Avenue.  Our office neighbors Clifton (home of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats!) and is close to Christ Hospital.

We are also able to work with clients in the following states:

Alabama | Arizona | Arkansas | Colorado | Delaware | District of Columbia | Georgia | Illinois | Kansas | Kentucky | Maine | Maryland | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | North Carolina | Ohio | Oklahoma | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Virginia | West Virginia